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Day 2:

When we woke up on our second day on the island the weather was again not so good. We look up at the sky, and there is no sky, just a lot of rainy clouds.

We decide to drive to the west side of the island and to start our day from swimming in the unique place that called “Ponta da Ferraria,” an oceanfront natural hot spring pool.

the landscape is beautiful


· If you want to enjoy the experience, you must check the tide before you go. It’s not recommended to come at low tide time. We arrived relatively early in the morning, and we suggest you to do the same because the place can be too crowded later, and you will not be able to get in the water and enjoy it. 

Don’t forget to bring a towel and flipflops.

If you have time, we recommend you drive more 5 mints to a viewpoint called Ponta dos Mosteiros. We arrived there just after the swimming and took a walk between the rocks that the waves of the ocean are breaking on. When you are sitting on those rocks, you can fill the great power of the sea and see the green cliffs of the island.

After the walk, we took a little break at the “Sunset Poço da Pedra” café. A lovely spot to relax in the middle of the day and enjoy the ocean view. Also, you can go there at sunset time and enjoy watching the sun sink into the sea. We drank a good coffee and had delicious ice cream.

The second part of the day was very sunny, we were very thankful for that. When we saw that the sky is going clear and the sun is coming, we drove really fast (not to fast) to Sete Cidades area.

First, we stopped at “Miradoura da Lomba Vasco,” it was on our way, so why not. The second stop that we had was precisely in the middle of the blue and the green lake.

When you continue to drive and climb up the road, you will get to another fantastic viewpoint. At that point, you will able to see a big lake that is hiding in an incredible forest. The name of the place is ” Miradouro da Lagoa de Sntiago,” don’t miss it because it’s overwhelming.

The main stop that we drove all this way is the fantastic view of both lakes, the green, and the blue ones. We felt so lucky when we stopped at the viewpoint because the sun was smiling at us. You can see it in the pictures. When you park your car to see Santiago lake, you don’t need to move the car again to see the other two lakes because they are just behind you. Enjoy the view, and take a moment to yourself.

Another spot (but different) to see both lakes from above is ” Miradouro da Vista do Rei.” At this place is located the famous abandoned hotel ” Hotel abandonado – Monte Palace,” you can enter the hotel (yes you need to be a little acrobatic) to go upstairs to the last flour and there the whole landscape opens just for you. To visit the hotel, it’s also a very untrusting experience. We couldn’t understand how someone can give up on such a strategic location. 

the hotel is amazing

Our next stop and for us, the top of the day was at ” Miradouro da Boca do Inferno,” one of the top attractions on the island that will take our breath away for a moment because of its beauty. The place is amazing, but it is amazing why it is also hard to reach. Don’t be confused, it is super easy to get there, but you need lots of patience to see the unbelievable beautiful view of the lakes and ocean both together. Why is it so difficult to enjoy? Most of the time, the place is covered with clouds, many clouds.

better to come in a sunny day

Travel Tips:

Tip #1:

· So, what can you do? One is not to give up and to be patient. Also, it is ok to come back for more than one time.

· Second is always good to check the cameras! All the beautiful and famous viewpoints of the island is covered with cameras for convenience

After we enjoyed the place and didn’t want to leave until a big cloud came and cover it all, we decided to end our day in the best way, and it’s at the natural hot springs name ” Caldeira Velha.” At the place surrounded by a wild forest, you can find two main pools. The upper pool has a famous waterfall, and the water is warm. The second lower pool is significantly warmer.

The hot waterfall

Tip #2:

At those pools like on the first day, don’t forget to not to take your best Swimsuit because of the gig amount of iron in the water.

On our way back to Ponta Delgada, we were happy but starving! We entered a small town, felt a little bit abandoned, with a narrow street and no one outside. Then from nowhere, we came across someone how recommend us a small home-based restaurant specializing mainly in fish and seafood. And we really got to a small little restaurant at the end of the street, empty of people. At first, we were a little bit anxious about the place, but we assure you that when we left, we were much happier than we get in. Each of us ate a huge fresh Tuna steak, and it was one of the best. I really recommend the place not only because of the food but also the amazing hospitality. The name of the restaurant is “Restaurante Maré Cheia“.