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“Man plans and God laughs” don’t know if there is such a phrase in English, but in Hebrew, there is, and it can summarize our feeling when we woke up that day.

One of the most special and amazing places on the island is “Lagoa do Fogo” or in the English lake of fire. The lake is the highest spot on the island and was formed from explosive during a volcanic eruption.
Unfortunately, because of the location of the lake, most of the time it is covered with very low clouds.
We tried to get there first in the morning, but as we started climbing up the mountain, we entered a huge, crowded cloud. So, we didn’t reach the lake, and we didn’t get to enjoy its beauty.
If you have better weather, than you definitely don’t miss this landscape.
After the failed attempt to reach the lake, we continued to “Salto do Cabrito” waterfall that was 15 min drive from there.

We drove more 20 minutes and arrived at the biggest tea farm at Sao Miguel named ” Fábrica de Chá Gorreana.” This factory has been past inheritance five generations since 1883. You can enter to the hurt of the factory and be impressed with the machines that grind the leaves. Then you can go outside and smell the leaves by yourself. To complete the atmosphere, you can enjoy the test of high-quality tea. Also, you can get some snacks and of course a tea to take with you home.

After we enjoyed the tea and the smells, we drove 15 minutes more to another amazing waterfall. We were lucky this time because we were almost alone there, so we enjoyed the sounds of the falling water and took a lot of pictures. The name of the place is “Parque Natural da Ribeira dos Caldeirões.”

If you have time so we can recommend you to drive 20 minutes more to the extreme northeast part of the island called “Nordeste” and visit the “Lighthouse Arnel.” Besides that, you can enter to the lighthouse and to see what’s inside also, it’s an amazing spot on the ocean and on the island itself. Defiantly worth it.
· If you want to go inside, check the opening hours in advance.
· The access path to the lighthouse is steep, and there is no parking on site. You must make the journey on foot, leaving the car in the car park of the Regional Road. So beware that to get there, it is easy, but the way back it’s hard work, especially to your legs.

the climbing back is hard 🙂

The last location that we have visited on the island was the “Salto do Prego” waterfall. Salto do Prego is a 2.3 mile moderately trafficked loop trail. It took us approximately 2.5 hours to complete the entire trail. You arrive to a beautiful waterfall where you can have a swim, a picnic, take photos or just enjoy an amazing place.
· Be extra careful if doing it on a rainy day!
· If you are traveling in the high season, it is better to go there in the morning when it’s less crowded.

nice track – good for families with kids
a quick view of the track

Some more tips about the area:
· You can also visit the Flores island. Just take another short flight. Amazing place, fool of waterfalls.
· The best season to travel to the Azores island is really depends on you. We were there in the middle of May. We had a little bit of rain, many clouds, 15-20 degrees. But in this period, you can enjoy the island just for yourself. If you come ay June-August the weather is much better, a lot of sunny days but also everyone is there.

That was really quick 3 days at Sau Miguel island, Azores.
Enjoy your trip and write to us if the article helped you.