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We are living in Israel for our entire life and have been to Eilat about a thousand times, but we really didn’t know this exotic place that we are excited to tell you about.

Among the abandoned copper quarries, near the Timna Park and Kibbutz Eliphaz, just 40 mins driving from Eilat , there is a beautiful place cold the “Aagam Hanehelam,” which means the secret lake. (Waze: Aagam Hanehelam).

While quarrying took place, the groundwater overflowed, flooded one of the quarries, and created a spectacular lake in its beauty. Reddish cliffs surround the lake, and their combination with the green lake water creates a magical look. This is a beautiful place for bathing and recreation, on the way to or from Eilat.

Some interesting facts about Eilat!

  1. Eilat is the southernmost city in the State of Israel.
  2. It is located in the triangle of borders between Israel, Jordan, and Egypt.
  3. Eilat is famous for its long red sea beaches in coral and marine life.
  4. Eilat is a city without VAT.
  5. Best place for diving.
  6. The highest temperature measured in Eilat is 47 degrees.
  7. Eilat has her own airport for a smooth arrival and maximum enjoyment.

The excess to the place is very comfortable and easy. 

Our first tip is not to try to get right to the lake with your car (the reason why is in the pic). We parked our car just before the road started to be really narrow. This is the part that you better start to go by foot and enjoy the view until you get to the lake itself.

The amazing view from above.
These guys were too lazy. We pass them on our way to the lake and they stayed right where we left them on our way back.

This walk to the lake from the parking should take you approximately 20 min, so don’t be lazy.

the green color is dominant

What to take with you?

1. A lot of water! Eilat is a hot and dry area.
2. Swimsuit – must.
3. Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses.
4. Snacks and fruits or things for a small picnic.
5. Mat to sit on and just chill out.
6. A lot of good vibes and a camera if you want.

Some more photos that can describe just a little from this amazing day!

Need a Place to stop (or just to eat a pie)?
If you are driving north from Eilat, you can stop by a unique boutique called ” Neot Smadar ” Waze!!! This intimate and peaceful Coffey shop. The place serves not only great cakes and pies that they are making fresh every day.

The atmosphere is great and tasty

They are also making that from domestic organic products. The selection of cheeses and yogurts sold there made from fresh goat’s milk that comes daily to the dairy. The coffee shop is also a small store for organic staff like cosmetics, soaps, tea herbs and spices made from herbs grown in orchards and fields in kibbutz “Neot Smadar“.

Apple Pie