he Making of Harry Potter _ WB Studio Tour in London

In the fantasy world, people are able to use magic of different kinds. They are either born with it or learn it through time. Some written novels of amazing authors compose their stories with magic whether used with hands, spells, sticks and other magic related stuff. One of the best novels of all time is the Harry Potter Novel. It was written by a brilliant British author Joanne Rowling (or best known as J.K. Rowling).

The Making of Harry Potter _ WB Studio Tour in London

     Harry Potter is sequence of fantasy novels that tackles about the life of a young wizard. The story started from his journey of not knowing he is a wizard up until he became a great wizard. This sequence, however, ended up on a journey towards defeating the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. This fantasy novel series began its film series in 2001.

     The Harry Potter film series has a total of 8 films. The role of Harry Potter was portrayed by famous actor Daniel Radcliffe. Most of the critics said he played the role of the Harry Potter very well and was admired by the audiences because of great acting. The film was taken in the United Kingdom. For fanatic people, the location where the film took place can be spotted all over the United Kingdom. However, there is one place that should be visited of the most Harry Potter fans and it is called Warner Bros. Studio Tour London.

What is Warner Bros. Studio Tour London ?

     Warner Bros. Studio Tour London is a place where the wizarding world of Harry Potter can be viewed. The studio is located in Leavesden Watford, United Kingdom. This place can be considered havana for the extremely fanatics of Harry Potter. The tour includes the sets of where the magic took place. It was also said that visitors will be able to discover the special effects tricks that was used in the film.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London reviews :

1. Incredible experience

     A great number of studio visitors are amazed by the incredible experience in Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. They were impressed by the actual sets, accessories and models. The special effects and the digital images were explained in thorough details. The money spent was worth it.

2. Inspirational and encouraging place

     Warner Bros. Studio Tour London are also recommended even for those who are not much of a Harry Potter fan. The studio tour is also great for creative and expressive people. For creative and artistic people, the design of the actual sets were amazing. They concluded that the studio tour can be of great experience for students and people who are into art and design. People can learn many different things in the studio tour because overall it was a masterpiece.

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3. Great props and costumes

     The studio tour also features its usage of the props and costumes that are seen on Harry Potter films. The props and costumes were mesmerizing and very artistic. The props and costumes that are featured will make any visitor want to rewatch the whole series. There are several props that will make you reminisce scenes on Harry Potter like memory cabinet with almost 900 memory vials and labels displayed.

4. Amazing and friendly staff

     The studio tour is accommodated by several amazing and friendly staff. They welcome guests very warmly. They answer and greet people with a lot of smiles. This is what made the studio tour experience more luxurious and special. Their staff are very engaging and informative.

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if you want you can actually fly on a broom!

5. Accommodates additional and special needs

– For booking studio tour tickets, a free carer ticket will be given to all paying disabled visitors.

– On an instance where children aged 4 years old and under visits the studio tour, they shall be given free pass.

– To the disabled who has difficulty in hearing, British Sign Language tours are provided by the studio tour without an additional fee. The British Sign Language will accompany the guest throughout the whole studio tour.

– For the visually impaired, an audio descriptive tour will be provided by the studio tour without additional charges. The Audio descriptive tour representative will accompany the guest throughout the whole studio tour.

– There are also several access assistance needs that are provided by the studio tour like assistance dogs, mobility vehicles, seating and wheelchairs.

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