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Remarkable decision, what is your next move? Well, you need to ask yourself a few questions before you start your journey:

  • How much time you have?
  • Travel along or in a couple?
  • Budget?

let’s drill down here:

so the first thing you need to know is the budget. Why? Because it’s going to affect every decision you are going to take. 

The attraction in New Zealand is expensive. For instance, the heliy-hike in fox glacier cost 2000 NZ money per person. So the first question needs to be asked here what your budget is? And the next question will be what kind of trip you want to do? Hiking, tourist attraction, etc… 

if you are on a budget, you should go for hiking there is an amazing trail over there – so you can save lots of money if you plan these types of trip, but if love to experience different staff, you should prepare approx 250 NZ per day.

Our recommendation: the combo of hiking and tourist attraction is the best (don’t miss our review on the Hobbiton).

The view in New Zealand is absolutely amazing

Next: How much time you have?

If you want to see the two islands, you need a minimum of 1 month. But if you have less than one month, you need to choose the north island or the south island. To make it simple, if you have 7-10 days, go to the north island. If you have more time, let’s say 10-14 days, the south island will be your best option. And if you have 30 days or more, you can see both islands.

Next: is how you travel (by car? Public transportation?

There are so many options here, and again it depends on your budget.

From my point of view to see Newzealand, you need a car (the landscapes are amazing, you really need the flexibility to stop and take a deep This kind of transportation some time 🙂 ). so here you can find a few options:

  • Rent a small car (mini-car) and sleep in a tent (the cheapest option).
  • Rent a small car (mini-car) and sleep in a Motel and B&B (the most affordable option for seniors citizens wit low budget).
  • rent a “big” car (small van) and sleep in the car (the recommended option)
  • rent a camper van (small\medium\large + kitchen+toilet-If you are spoiled, again it depends on your budget).

If you are planning to travel for more than one month – you should consider buying a car, it will be the cheapest option for you. 

There are a few groups on facebook for this alternative.

Recap: there are a few questions you need to ask yourself in advance double check your budget and the time you can to spend in New Zealand. In the next post, we will explain.