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I’m going to give you guys 10 of the best things for you to do on your next trip to Sao Miguel. I wanna let you guys know that this top 10 is not in order from best to worst. It’s going to be in a random order, but its 10 of the best things for you going to do here, so let us jump on into it. 

Alright, so the first thing for you guys do, and arguably the top thing to do on the island is to go see Sete Cidades. This is where two lagoons meet each other, one bluer and one greener, and it provides some of the most scenic views you’ll ever see, not just on this island but anywhere in the world. It’s genuinely a postcard photo moment. What’s cool is you have the hike to the Boca do Inferno, which is at the top, and you can see into the lagoon. This is a very busy, top-rated tourist attraction where pretty much all the tours on the island will go here, so if you ever go to Sao Miguel, this is arguing that one thing you should do for sure. While you’re there its also a beautiful town with a lot to do and a lot of cool restaurants and a lot of cool things to see so make sure to check it out.Alright, so the second thing for you to do on your trip is actually next to Sete Cidades, and it’s going to the abandoned 5-star hotel. This hotel has actually been bought recently, and it’s going to be developed in a couple of years so if you go there make sure you go now it’s incredible and I actually will do a full youtube video exploring this hotel which I will links up above if you wanna check it out. It also provides a really great view of Sete Cidades and its full of really cool graffiti from people from all over the world. So you’re going to want to check that out if you’re ever on the island.The third top thing you’re going to want to do on your trip to Sao Miguel is to go whale watching. The Azores is one of the top 10 places in the world to go whale watching because its where all the fish go to eat food on their journey north, so there is an abundance of whales and dolphins everywhere. I also went there and posted a video on it, which I will link up above. We went with a company called Moby Dick Tours, which was terrific. The tours the way they work is they’re 4 hours minimum because if you don’t see anything within 4 hours, they will keep going out until they find some. But literally within 10 minutes of this tour, we saw a big school of dolphins and whales all within 10 minutes, there’s truly an abundance of them, and you can get some really cool moments if you choose to do these tours. So do not skip on whale watching if you go to Sao Miguel because it’ll be one of the coolest experiences that you do. Alright, so the fourth thing on the list is to go to Lagoa do Fogo. Sao Miguel is full of volcanic lagoons like Sete Cidades, and Lagoa do Fogo is an amazing one. Which also gets some really cool photo moments, and you can actually hike down to the bottom. It takes about 1 hour and takes about 2 to come back up, but if you don’t feel like hiking, you can stay at the top and get some really cool moments. I’ll show you guys a time-lapse right now of it, and you can really get some great pictures and photography for your Instagram or just for yourself. You’re gonna want to check that out if you ever go to Sao Miguel. Alright, so the fifth thing on the list is to go to Furnas, which is a town all the way on the east side of the island. This is where people are known for you’ve probably seen videos before where people cook the food in the ground because of its volcanic right. So they dig holes and bury the food in there and come back a couple of hours later and its all cooked. So a lot of the local restaurants there have these parts reserved so if you go there and order of their menu you can order this food that is cooked in this volcanic soil which is really cool, and it’s a must if you go there, also you have to try the street corn there because its also cooked in the ground and it tastes terrific. In Furnas there’s a lot to do, you can go to the gardens, and in there you have hot springs where you can swim in which are full of volcanic minerals, and it is a very cool experience. I recommend doing this on a more cloudy day because you don’t want to go in hot water on a really hot day because you are just not going to feel good. If you have a cloudy day or a rainy day and want something to do, make sure to check out Furnas, go to the hot springs, and then go eat some good dinner.
Alright, the next thing on the list number six is to go to the town Vila Franca do Campo, this town used to be the capital city of the island hundreds of years ago but then got all destroyed when a volcano erupted so then Ponta Delgada became the capital, but since then they have rebuilt and its a fantastic city. It is arguably my favorite city on the island, and most people will tell you that as well. A very cool town with a lot to see and do, a lot of great restaurants, but more specifically, there a little island off the coast of the city where you can take a boat and go to. If you’re going to do this, you need to go early because they only allow a certain amount of people to go there per day because they want to preserve it and not let it get ruined. But is a very cool spot to go swimming and as the day progresses you can see the tide go up as the water levels change and its a gorgeous island that is great for tanning and this is in the summer where Redbull does their cliff jumping events all based out of there so you’re not going to want to skip this and if you’re in Sao Miguel this is arguably one of the top things to do when you go there so go to Vila Franca. And when you’re there as well, you can check out the Quesada factory because its the best place to get them because there’s nowhere better to get them than the town that they’re made in. 
Alright, number seven on the list is to go to the tea factory. The tea factory is actually the oldest tea plantation in all of Europe. It’s very cool because you can actually see the ocean from there as well, and the tea is fantastic, and it’s actually not expensive at all. It’s free to go, and they do tours, if you want to buy something, it’s not that bad. Very cool place to go and you can get some really cool pictures here as well, and as you walk through the building, you see all the different steps of what it takes to make the tea and its a very cool experience that you’re not going to want to miss when you check out Sao Miguel.
Alright, number eight on the list, oh that’s nine, what bro what are you talking about man. Number eight on the list is you’re gonna wanna go to some of the beaches, being on an island in the middle of the ocean you got some really cool beaches. Ones that come to mind for me is Praia de Santa Barbara, this is one of the longest stretches of sand and its a very cool beach where they have surf schools here because it has bigger waves, so if you wanna go surfing this is the place to check out you can do surf lessons there. It’s around 20 to 30 euros to go out, but it’s not that bad, I tried surfing for the first time there, and it was a lot of fun, the schools are very professional and very good and very safe, a hell of an experience. It’s actually a crazy workout if you’re into that as well, but this beach is terrific for tanning, and there’s a very cool bar on the beach called Tuka Tula where they have real food pregos and delicious food and really good drinks. You’re gonna wanna check it out when you’re on the island. Some other beaches that are great are Populo, which is right in Sao Miguel, next to the city Ponta Delgada. Almost all the beaches on this island are amazing. I could make a top 20 beach video right now, but I’m not gonna do that, I’m going to move on to the next one but do not skip out on beaches when you go to this island because there are some amazing beaches and what’s cool is almost all the beaches have beach bars there where if you wanna get a steak, wanna get a sandwich, wanna get some drinks, they’re all on the beach and they’re not that expensive. So you can spend a whole day on the beach on this island with everything there for you, a lot of fun, let’s move onto the next thing on this list. Alright, so the next thing on this list is to spend the day in Ponta Delgada, the city the capital is beautiful, lots of really cool European architecture. With some of the best restaurants on the island. If you wanna just walk around an urban setting and get a coffee or get some food and get some really cool photography shots, there’s nowhere better to go then to go to the capital city. You have the arches in the town as well, which is the gate to the city, which is a really cool spot to take some pictures that you’re not going to want to miss out at. They always do events here as well. If it’s late at night and you want something to do drive down to the city because there’s a lot of bars that you can go bar hopping, there’s so much to do and so much to see. A lot of cool churches as well, so if you’re into that and want to see some old European churches, its a must to check out for you to do that. They actually have this church as well in the city with a wheel where you can donate some money and spin it, and there will be a nun on the other side who puts something there and turns it back. So you may get a rosary back or like a little piece of jewelry or a card, very cool as well and a must check out when you’re in the city. There are some beautiful churches, and there are some great restaurants, there’s so much to do in the capital you’re not going to want to miss it. 
Alright, so the tenth thing on this list is to have some pineapple. In the Azores, they grow pineapple, and it’s some of the freshest pineapples in the world. You can go to the pineapple plantations where they grow it and see all the different stages of how it’s developed. It’s a very cool tour as well because as the tour goes on, you have different pineapples in various scenes where you can walk through them and see how they grow. It’s really cool because the whole process takes about two years, which I did not know that until I went there. They also sell pineapple liquor if you’re into that, so you need to check it out because of some of the best pineapple in the world. So there you have it guys that’s my top 10 things to do in Sao Miguel, Azores, on your next trip there. Hopefully, this video helps you, and if you’re from Sao Miguel, comment down below what your top 10 things are because there are a lot of things as well that are touristy that may not be on this list. Your list may be different than mine. I love to hear it, so make sure to comment down below to help everybody out. If you’re new, hear smash that like button and subscribe to the channel if you’re new, and if you guys want, I can make another video talking about more things to do on this island because there is an abundance of things to do. So it doesn’t matter if you’re going for three days or two weeks you’ll be busy that entire time, so anyways ill see you guys in the next Post.