The “Coromandel” peninsula takes its name from the “HMS Coromandel” (originally called HMS Malabar), a vessel of the British Royal Navy which in 1820 stopped in the port of “Coromandel” for the purchase of the “Kauri” wooden spars. In turn, the ship owes its name to the “Coromandel” coast in India.

Heavenly New Zealand place, a perfectly cinematic environment, where the attractions are most appreciated and fascinating, ideal to visit in any way you want by car, feet, bicycle, an oceanic pearl not to be missed, I highly recommend it.

The Coromandel peninsula is located on the North Island and is an unmissable stop in New Zealand; famous for its forests, its immense and deserted beaches, and its wonderful and unique views and landscapes.

A stop not to be missed is definitely “Thames” which is the historic New Zealand town located between the “Firth of Thames” and “Coromandel Range”. In this area, the Maori population settled in the fifteenth century, and only in 1867 did the town have its current physiognomy.

“Thames” is an ideal point to start with to rediscover this fantastic peninsula; a beautiful landscape and infinite coast to be rediscovered in long walks or even by bike, just behind the city, on the hills, there is the wonderful “Kauaeranga Valley” with its fascinating paths and some of the most adventurous activities and excursions that the peninsula can offer; in this area, moreover, for those who are lovers, there are ample opportunities to camp.

The “Thames Coast Road”, coastal 25, is a scenic road with a wonderful view of the “Firth of Thames”. Continue until “Tapu”, before turning onto “Tapu Coroglen Road”; over 30 km of dirt road that climbs the mountains, offering wonderful views.

From “Coroglen” continue in the direction of “Waiau”, accessible by the “Road 309”. It is another incredible and spectacular mountain dirt road. The goal is the Waiau Falls, a beautiful naturalistic sight. There is a small parking lot along the 309, which, after leaving the car, is accessed after a short walk. A few minutes from here, the suggestive “Waiau Kauri Grove” awaits you; it is a beautiful naturalistic itinerary where you can see some survivors of the “Kauri”, the truly enchanting giant trees of this area.

Remember that wherever you are, there are not only hotels, motels, apartments but also sensational cottages, perhaps the ideal you are looking for as I did … I love the cottages you have more privacy and you are better placed to experience nature and the typical places of the place .

A destination not to be missed is “Coromandel Town”, an obvious and almost obligatory choice, and “Port Jackson” which corresponds to the most extreme part of the peninsula.

Fantastic beach and incredible views await you in these areas; continuing towards “Fantail Bay”, you will find the wonderful “Port Jackson Capsite”; it is a place of absolute peace and tranquility where you will sleep with the background of the waves and the rustle of trees. Numerous excursions, walks and water activities are possible during the day.

the landscape is outstanding

One of the most renowned, known, admired stops is undoubtedly the small village of “Whangapoua” where “Whangapoua Beach” is located; it is a long and wonderful expanse of fine white sand that overlooks the calm waters of the Pacific. The beach, although delightful, represents only the starting point from which it will be possible to reach “New Chums Beach”. The well-known magazine “The Observer”, in 2006, classified it as one of the 20 most beautiful beaches in the world!

“New Chums” remains an uncrowded place, mainly thanks to the difficulties it presents to access it; two kilometers of sand and pebbles across “Whangapoua Beach”; then, you cross a wooded area between beautiful palm trees, until you arrive at your destination.

Chum remains a wild, fascinating and still spotless place. Unlike other structures, you will not find picnic tables, showers or anything else; in all honesty, it will not be among the top 20 in the world, let alone the most beautiful beach in all of New Zealand, but I am sure you will not be disappointed.

“Cathedral Cove” and “Hot Water Beach”. They are, without a shadow of a doubt, the two most famous and renowned tourist beaches in the whole area. The second one is very particular, with its hot thermal springs emerging from pools on the beach; the credit must be attributed to incessant volcanic activity in the subsoil. The beach is located south of “Mercury Bay”. Fantastically here you can dig on the sand and get a spa of your own, and well yes it is just like that … I didn’t believe it when they told me about it … if you arrive in the early morning you will surely find people digging holes in the sand which, magically, become hot water spas … nature will never cease to surprise me!

Hot water beach
Hot water beach

“Cathedral Cove” offers a naturalistic and landscape scenario to leave you speechless; it is perhaps one of the most beautiful and incredible beaches in all of New Zealand, with its “Cove” eroded by the waters and the wind in the shape of a natural arch and the golden sand a spectacular place. Forget, however, tranquility and discretion because it is the most crowded beach on the peninsula. Its appeal has increased dramatically following the release of the film “The Chronicles of Narnia II – Prince Caspian”. In fact, a scene from the film was shot right here!

For beach and sea lovers, along the road that leads to Cathedral Cove: “Gemstone Bay”, “Stingray Bay” and “Mares Leg Cove”. Splendid and marvelous are the views and landscape points along the whole “Mercury Bay”, another unmissable stop on the “Coromandel” tour.

Those who were lovers of impervious, absolutely wild and unique places, we recommend “White Island”. It is a very small and uninhabited island 50 kilometers from the coast; represents an appointment not to be missed, especially in case you still have time available! It is a volcanic island where sulfur, fumes and crater vents abound.

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