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Meet Klara & Johnny

Aloha! Welcome aboard travelers! We’re a couple of travel addicts; We want to share our passion for new adventures around the world with you.

So everything started nine years ago when I met Klara in a small salsa club.

Klara was a travel addict. Our story began when we first travel to Prug (it’s was my first flight – in age 25 – a bit embarrassing).

From this point on I had the addiction myself. It’s hit me I admit. From this point on we never stopped. We saw more than 20 different countries around the world, and this is only the begging…

Who are we?

Johnny is a CS team leader in a big company located in Tel Aviv. Also, he’s a great Salsa dancer and a basketball coach.

Klara is a chemical engineer factory that produces odor materials, a smart girl :). Both of us working a full-time job, but we never give up our dream to see the world!

Both us love animals, and recently we add Pablo to our family, an amazing Golden retriever.


What is our added value for you?

First of all, we are traveling on a small budget – it’s doable.

So join us to our super cool adventures.

In our Blog, you can explore our trips and get unique tips and tricks for each place.