Petra in Jordan may have already been 312 BCE and is known as the city of Roses because of the color of the stone from which it is carved. The city is an archaeological and historic city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the south of the Jordan Valley. It is famous for its rocky architecture and its system of water pipes.

The place was introduced to the Western world in 1812. It served as the capital of the Nabataeans as well as their trade caravan. The city of Roses is surrounded by imposing rocks and possess a multi-year water jet. This provided the city the advantage of a fortress and controlled the main trade routes that cross it.

Nowadays, most visitors approach the city by a narrow, dark gorge that naturally forms in the sandstone cliffs that lead to the city. The Nabataeans were able to control the water supply that led to the creation of the abandoned city, create an artificial oasis and control flash floods with the help of dams, water pipes and cisterns. These systems allowed them to store water during a long period of drought, and the city lived on the sale of water.

As an avid traveler, you must have marked your priority list. But don’t forget to include the legacy of Petra. The place was recently mentioned in the new list of world wonders. Seasoned travelers should visit the place at least once in their lifetime. The historically important travel destination attracts visitors from around the world. It revolves around people.

If you have not visited the archaeological access point, take the time to explore this part of the world during your daily tour to Petra in Jordan .

1. A glimpse of the old story

If you choose a trip to Petra, you will know how the archaeological park was created and how the city flourished under the Nabataeans and the Romans. You may have heard fascinating stories and fables about the large and long canyon that connects the Dead Sea to the Gulf of Aquaba. During Roman rule, the section of the valley served as an important trade route. But now that he has come into direct contact with the mythical canyon, he realizes how it is currently used for irrigation purposes.

2. Be one with Al Khazneh

If you choose to travel through Petra, you may have carefully considered the historical significance of the Treasury. It is impressive to see how the structure enters the sandstone cliffs. The structure is assembled and filled with bullet holes. The Bedouins and visitors searched for the treasure because they thought it was the haven for Pharaoh’s treasure.


3. The place is safe and protected

They are interested in exploring the ancient glory that lasted until 312 BC. Chr. You may have heard a lot about the Roman theater, which has about seven thousand dwellings. At the same time, he is concerned about security. But when it comes to security, you should worry a little. You should know that Jordan has not been attacked recently. It shares a peaceful relationship with its neighbors and the place is not only incredibly beautiful, but also safe for visitors and travelers.

4. It can also meet your urge to swim and dive.

To do this, you need to go to Aquaba, which is at the end of the Grand Canyon. Once you have reached the gulf, you can arrange sea cruises. If you are passionate about sailing, swimming, and snorkeling, you can have a good time and enjoy the fun, celebration, and party.


5. Enjoy culinary excellence.

This is another reason why you should visit Petra. In addition to the typical Jordanian variety, you can also enjoy the feeling and passion of Mediterranean cuisine. But once you are in Jordan, do not miss the hummus, the falafel, and the mansef, which would be the trademark of the National Court.

An essential destination

The place that stands out from the rest by its historical and archaeological importance deserves a place on your wish list. You now know the reasons why you should add it to your priority list.

My biggest recommendation is for you to spend at least 2 days in during your daily tour to Petra in Jordan because you will not be able to see it in one day. There are several hotels just opposite the entrance to Petra. Ask as many questions as you want. I found the Jordanians very friendly and helpful. They go out of their way to help you without getting a reward.

One more Tip:

if you want to see more than one country (if you are travel addict and crazy) you can land in Tel aviv spend 5-8 day in Israel and then travel to Eilat. in Eilat you have another 2 borders with Egypt and with Jordan.
with 4-5 days extra you can see 3 counties in one trip.
I hope it make sense feel free to reach-out if you have any questions.

Stay Safe,
Klara and Yoni

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